My first experience as a brand new yoga teacher.

To be totally honest, I never thought I would teach yoga one day. I’ve studied the law for 5 years, and practiced it for a short while, and it turned out I was not made for this kind of carrer. I’ve started practicing yoga seriously 5 years ago but I never thought I would beContinue reading “My first experience as a brand new yoga teacher.”

Yoga Trance dance certification, or Sahaja Vinyasa.

Right after I was done with my 200 hours teacher training, I still had some time left in LA, and I decided to do another training, with the great Shiva Rea. I don’t know if everybody knows about her, but she is an amazing yoga teacher who leads THE Prana flow certification. I used toContinue reading “Yoga Trance dance certification, or Sahaja Vinyasa.”