How healthy food is a touchy subject!

I’ve decided to write this post because I am really surprised with the comments I had or saw on some other people posts regarding the subject of food.

It all started at my yoga teacher training when we talked about Patanjali’s sutra: Ahimsa (non harming), and the fact that being vegan was the answer for those who wanted to apply those sutras to their life.

We watched a few documentary too about how livestock was horribly mistreated, and about how we could solve the world hunger by having a  plants based alimentation. I shared those documentary and my own experience of being vegetarian on facebook and other social media, and that’s when it all started. People were mocking me, making bad jokes on vegan, some of them were even mean, and when I tried to respond with some good arguments, most of the time I faced passive agressivity from the other party. 

I witnessed that on other friend’s wall too, and I realize that the subject of food is not an easy one, just like religion, or same sex marriage.

People don’t like change and even tho you prove them with strong arguments that it is inevitable if we want to keep our planet liveable, they talk about utopia, or they’d rather ignore the truth and make no sacrifice, even tho their own children will probably pay the price of their selfishness.

I’m glad this training opened my eyes on this issue. I’ve read somewhere that doing a yoga teacher training might change you, well, it does. I just hope that (very) soon my fellow human beings will have the chance to have that kind of epiphany too.

In the meantime do a lot of yoga. Drink a lot of water, eat healthy! 

Stay tuned! Namaste!

A yogi alimentation should be plant based only!

Last week-end we had this talk about Patanjali yoga sutras: ahimsa, which means non harming. Non harming any living being which included animals. That’s why a yogi alimentation should be plant based only!

I have to say that I’ve stopped eating meat 14 months ago and fish 6 months ago and I’ve never felt so good. Usually during the winter I always cough and have a sore throat. This year except for being a little bit congested for 2 days on my way back from NYC, nothing! I feel energized, more happy, more light, my skin is amazing….   When you think about it, when you eat meat you also eat the crapy things they give to the poor animals: GMO, antibiotics… 

Now on a larger scale:  70% of the cereals that are cultivated in the world will be eaten by livestock that will end up in the plates of some happy fews, while almost 1 billion of human beings are starving. With a plant base diet only, we could feed 2 planet earth, but with a meat diet we will soon need 2 planets to feed us. I don’t seriously think that you can promote yoga and its philosophy and not thinking about that. That’s cheating.

In a logical follow up we had as well a long and nice class about health and nutrition. It was so interesting! Knowing what can bring you protein, how cleansing can make you feel better, the importance of enzymes… There are so many things to say about that! Tamal actually suggests that we read some  books about it  (Conscious eatings, Eat and run….). I was fascinated by the story of the guy who turned vegan and run an ultra marathon: Eat and run.

We also has a homework to achieve: eating a based plant only diet until the end of the training (at least). Guess what? I’m all for it! (It means being vegan, which will be very hard for a cheese lover like me.)

Will i be able to achieve that task? Stay tuned!!


Save the ocean!

Last week-end was a treat. On Friday I’ve decided to take the level 2/3 class that Tamal teaches before the teacher training, and it felt good! Like REALLY good! Since I’ve started the training I’ve taken many advanced classes, to improve my practice, challenge myself and mostly because back in my country i won’t have the oppotunity to follow this kind of classes. Tamal’s was one of my favourite, probably because of the handstand practice. You barely have a chance to practice handstands in regular classes, and I love that pose. It teaches me how to be more focus, and how to use my core. 

Speaking of core we had a great session about anatomy, watching videos. It is so important to understand how the body works, i finally know what’s the difference between tendons and ligaments lol. And now I have a better understanding of the poses.

We also kept practicing teaching on each other and I really start to like it.  Plus it makes me do some incredible improvements in my practice. For example knowing how to teach urdhva dhanurasana made me understand my own mistakes and now that i’ve corrected myself it looks and feels so much better!

Sunday was the highlight of the week-end: as part of the training, we had to volunteer for 2 hours to clean the beach. I found the idea awesome. Most of the trainees were there and some other people. Someone found a bone, like a big white bone, we all speculated on what kind of bone it was (i guess we might need some more anatomy classes!!).

 The top 3 of the things i found were cigarette butts (smokers pollute our air AND our beach! Seriously? Quit!), plastic bottles tops, and straws (the kind your kids use to drink juices in those little boxes…).

Then we had this amazing philosophy talk about reincarnation and Karma. Yoga philosophy is so interesting and profund! I really enjoy it. It makes me see the world from a different angle. 

I can’t wait for this week-end talk: the need of stop eating meat for our sake and the sake of our planet. 

Stay tuned! Namaste!