Agra and the breathtaking Taj Mahal

We left Delhi for Agra, by train. An intense ride where the train rolled over a motorbike, a piece blew away the window of,my row, the train had to stop. I had pieces of glass all over my hair, a man was bleeding a little. India is always an adventure! Did you know that theContinue reading “Agra and the breathtaking Taj Mahal”

Delhi, a fascinating city.

Honestly, we were expecting the worse for our first time in India. Everybody has something to say about it: rude people, dead bodies in the street, scary stray dogs, but also good things about how it is fascinating. And it really is fascinating. Yes it is dirty but we were expecting worse, some part ofContinue reading “Delhi, a fascinating city.”

Dubai, a friendly destination for people with a healthy living

I would never have picked Dubai as a destination, but we had a stop there on our way to India, so we’ve decided to stay 2 days to check what was going on in that famous city. Our first impression was that the airport was super crowded and the staff not super friendly. When youContinue reading “Dubai, a friendly destination for people with a healthy living”