Ahimsa. Racism sucks.

Even though I’m not american, I think it’s my duty as a yoga teacher and as a citizen of this world to bring awarness on The Yamas Ahimsa: Non harming. Non harming in any situation, non harming someone because he or she has a different tone of skin for exemple. Being racist is wrong, not talking about how racism sucks in the world today is wrong too.
🇫🇷Même si je ne suis pas americaine je pense que c’est mon devoir en tant que prof de yoga et citoyenne du monde d’amener votre attentions sur le principe yogi de Ahimsa: Ne pas faire de mal. Ne pas faire de mal pour une quelconque raison, ne pas faire de mal quand une personne a une couleur de peau différente par exemple. Être raciste c’est franchement odieux, et ne pas parler de combien le racisme est odieux, avec ce qui se passe aujourd’hui, ben c’est odieux aussi.


Published by cheyenneyoga

SmartFLOW yoga teacher. I've studied Power vinyasa, restorative, and yoga for pregnant woman with Tamal Dodge in Los Angeles. After that wonderful time, I felt attracted by movement and flow, so I studied with Shiva Rea for 300 hours her Prana Flow style. But after a yoga for scoliosis workshop and after realizing what I want in my practice and for my students, I've decided to focus on a more alignment focused yoga, and started studying with the great Annie Carpenter. Now, after more than 400h with her, my teaching skills had changed for the best. The more I learn the more I have to share with my students, so I follow different trainings every year and I had the great honor to learn from amazing teachers like Krista Cahill, Maty Ezraty or Dona Holleman. I'm now teaching SmartFLOW YOGA, Hatha yoga, restorative yoga and chair yoga (for people with less range of motion) in Monaco most of the time, but also in some magical events such as Burning Man in Nevada. http://instagram.com/cheyenneyoga/ Ambassador of a great VEGAN BOOTS BRAND pawj california, think cruelty free Ugg style boots. Use the code Cheyenne10 for 10% on their website. Yoga inspired jewelry designer: Pepper Kreation

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