3 years of daily meditation

Today it’s been 3 years I meditate every single day. I haven’t skip a day, even when I’m traveling, even when i:m at Burning Man! I meditate for 5 years, but I was not regular until November 20th 2016.

I can definitely see the change in the way I think, in the way my mind works, and that’s the reason why I want to share my experience with you: because it works.

I’ve started practicing only 5 to 8 minutes every morning. At first i was on my own, sitting on my bed in silence, but after a while a friend of mine talked about an app named insight timer, so I’ve started using it.

I have to say that it made my practice easier, because it gave me some guidelines. I didn’t know exactly what to do before, i was just sitting and trying to quiet my mind and stop thinking.. And I also like that it keeps tracks of my practice (that’s how I know it’s been 1095 days in a row today).

Let’s be honest with the « stop thinking » thing , it’s hard and I’m pretty sure no one (except may be some sadhus in India, or some monks in the Himalayas) stop thinking for hours. What I usually do is observing my thoughts, try to reduce them and may be stop them for a few seconds so I can fully be in the present moment, and as soon as I realize I’m thinking again, I make peace with it and try again.

I tried guided meditations, and some of them really work. I’ve really appreciated one about forgiveness, and a few about anxiety.

Speaking of anxiety, it’s an issue I have and meditation really helped me with that. I’m not saying that I’m not anxious anymore, and that I’m the most zen person in the world, but it helped me put thing in perspective. And trust me the past 3 years have been an emotional rollercoaster so I’m really glad I hat my meditation practice to help me practice mindfulness and detachment.

Month after month I’ve managed to increase the duration of my practice, and to identify what kind of practice benefits me the most. But as I’m a little bit adventurous I still try new things once in a while.

Meditation definitely helped me to see life from another perspective, I feel more detached from all things, and I also live more in the present moment (which helps decrease my anxiety crises). It also helps tremendously to quiet my mind, specially when I wake up in the middle of the night and that my mind wanders towards the dark side lol. I can now manage that pretty well, and the quality of my sleep increased.

I now meditate between 20 and 30 minutes every morning, sitting comfortably on my bed (this is my next goal, to sit in a more ‘yogi’ way), sometimes with the music of singing bowls, sometimes with a guided meditation, rarely in silence (may be another step to reach?) and I’m ready to start my day.

There are many different apps and they help to know what to do at first. If you haven’t meditate yet, try, and do not hesitate to leave a comment, so we can all discuss and share our experiences.

Published by cheyenneyoga

SmartFLOW yoga teacher. I've studied Power vinyasa, restorative, and yoga for pregnant woman with Tamal Dodge in Los Angeles. After that wonderful time, I felt attracted by movement and flow, so I studied with Shiva Rea for 300 hours her Prana Flow style. But after a yoga for scoliosis workshop and after realizing what I want in my practice and for my students, I've decided to focus on a more alignment focused yoga, and started studying with the great Annie Carpenter. Now, after more than 400h with her, my teaching skills had changed for the best. The more I learn the more I have to share with my students, so I follow different trainings every year and I had the great honor to learn from amazing teachers like Krista Cahill, Maty Ezraty or Dona Holleman. I'm now teaching SmartFLOW YOGA, Hatha yoga, restorative yoga and chair yoga (for people with less range of motion) in Monaco most of the time, but also in some magical events such as Burning Man in Nevada. http://instagram.com/cheyenneyoga/ Ambassador of a great VEGAN BOOTS BRAND pawj california, think cruelty free Ugg style boots. Use the code Cheyenne10 for 10% on their website. Yoga inspired jewelry designer: Pepper Kreation

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