Yoga and Art. Yoga is Art.

I know there is a controversy about people taking  yoga pictures everywhere, and I’m happy to say I’m one of those.

First of all I’m glad that other amazing yoga teachers started that trend a few years ago because it inspired me a lot. Suddenly I wanted to go deeper in my practice and experiement the same thing as they were.

then, it might not be obvious since I’m trying to hide this, but I’m super shy, so practicing yoga in the street for example, or on the beach,  in front of other people who are wondering what I’m doing, is somehow a way to overcome my fear of people focusing on me.

Some people migh think I’m bragging, well I’m not. First, on  most of the pictures I take, and sometimes post on social media, my poses are not “perfect”, which is awesome because there is no such thing as perfection in yoga. And,  I even surprise myself sometimes, so I want to share the good surprise with the entire world, just like a little girl. And yes, I have this little girl leaving inside of me and I’m happy to please her.

The other thing is: I love art, and I love even more street art. So when I’m in LA (or any other city that have a lot of amazing street art), I can’t help it, i have to contribute to this. My contribution is small,  I will more likely do a pose and share the pic with the name of the artist if I can find It. But I really think that yoga and art are made for each other, Isn’t yoga an art too in a way?

So please, you, who are posting beautiful artistic yoga photos, plsease go on, i will. The best reward is when sometimes people send me messages saying that I’m inspiring. Isn’t that the nicest thing to say? Let’s try to inspire the world, it needs it.

Stay tuned for more yoga thoughts and stories! Namaste y’all. 

(art by @findac : the Nade Shiko)

(artist unknown)


3 thoughts on “Yoga and Art. Yoga is Art.

  1. I’m so happy you do these photos! I agree with you completely about street art and yoga together. These are my favourite photos of yours always!
    Keep doing what you are doing, it’s inspiring and awesome. I haven’t done that yet..the out in full public photos of yoga but hopefully it will happen one day 🙂


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