We are yoga teachers!!!

So sorry it’s been a while since I didn’t write about my experience of doing a yoga teacher training. Time flies, and I was thinking about changing the name of the blog, because guess what I’m a yoga teacher now!

Let’s go back 2 months ago. We were all so nervous. For our finals we had to create a 10 minutes sequence that would reflect a real class but in 10 min, warm up and savasana included. And then we had to teach it to the other students and Tamal would watch and then tell us what was goo and what wasn’t.

I decided to create a sequence Iyengar style with less jumping but still flowy. When it was my turn to teach, I was nervous because another teacher I didn’t really know was present and I didn’t feel as confident as I thought.

First I plugged my ipad for my playlist, but it didn’t work, I started with a little private joke and all was doing fine, but after a few minutes when I was explaining the Bandhas, My brain fried! I mean I was teaching in english, using sanskrit words but the explanations came in a mix of french english and sanskrit at the same time, for at least 15 seconds no words came out of my mouth! I decided to explain something else and everything came back to normal.

Luckily, Tamal said it was ok, the stress thing can happen, he really liked my sequence, saying it was very Iyengar and different and that I just have to improve my tone of voice but that again, was probably because of the stress too.

The other teacher said he was impressed by our level of teaching, and I was too, but I guess that’s what happens when you learn from an amazing teacher.

We all pass! We were so relieved and so sad at the same time that the adventure was over. We shared so many private things during this training, and became so close from each other, I’m sure we are for most of us friends for life!

The day after we had a little graduation pot luck party at the yoga studio with our friends and family. It was nice to see everybody not wearing yoga clothes lol.

I was not done yet tho, the week end after I signed up for another training with the amazing Shiva Rea, and I will tell you all about it in another post. Hopefully not in 2 months!

Stay tuned. Namaste!


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