How healthy food is a touchy subject!

I’ve decided to write this post because I am really surprised with the comments I had or saw on some other people posts regarding the subject of food.

It all started at my yoga teacher training when we talked about Patanjali’s sutra: Ahimsa (non harming), and the fact that being vegan was the answer for those who wanted to apply those sutras to their life.

We watched a few documentary too about how livestock was horribly mistreated, and about how we could solve the world hunger by having a  plants based alimentation. I shared those documentary and my own experience of being vegetarian on facebook and other social media, and that’s when it all started. People were mocking me, making bad jokes on vegan, some of them were even mean, and when I tried to respond with some good arguments, most of the time I faced passive agressivity from the other party. 

I witnessed that on other friend’s wall too, and I realize that the subject of food is not an easy one, just like religion, or same sex marriage.

People don’t like change and even tho you prove them with strong arguments that it is inevitable if we want to keep our planet liveable, they talk about utopia, or they’d rather ignore the truth and make no sacrifice, even tho their own children will probably pay the price of their selfishness.

I’m glad this training opened my eyes on this issue. I’ve read somewhere that doing a yoga teacher training might change you, well, it does. I just hope that (very) soon my fellow human beings will have the chance to have that kind of epiphany too.

In the meantime do a lot of yoga. Drink a lot of water, eat healthy! 

Stay tuned! Namaste!


6 thoughts on “How healthy food is a touchy subject!

  1. Very interesting post. B.K.S. Iyengar had a solution to addressing this topic: allow one’s yoga practice to dictate their diet. When one eats heavy foods, postures like Halasana and Sarvangasna become brutal. With a Sattvic diet they become effortless. A good practitioner will find that in time and good practitioners are what you want as a teacher.


  2. It’s too bad that you have received bad feedback. I have found that many people are closed-minded or afraid of change. I guess being a homeschooler for the last 10 years almost has put me against the norm and taught me to deal with it. Being vegetarian/vegan is going against the “norm” too so it makes some people uncomfortable. All that to say that we won’t be able to change people but I think even showing them that there are other ways and those ways might help and have a good ripple effect on important things like our home planet…that is important.
    Ok…end of my babbling..hopefully you understood me 😉


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