A yogi alimentation should be plant based only!

Last week-end we had this talk about Patanjali yoga sutras: ahimsa, which means non harming. Non harming any living being which included animals. That’s why a yogi alimentation should be plant based only!

I have to say that I’ve stopped eating meat 14 months ago and fish 6 months ago and I’ve never felt so good. Usually during the winter I always cough and have a sore throat. This year except for being a little bit congested for 2 days on my way back from NYC, nothing! I feel energized, more happy, more light, my skin is amazing….   When you think about it, when you eat meat you also eat the crapy things they give to the poor animals: GMO, antibiotics… 

Now on a larger scale:  70% of the cereals that are cultivated in the world will be eaten by livestock that will end up in the plates of some happy fews, while almost 1 billion of human beings are starving. With a plant base diet only, we could feed 2 planet earth, but with a meat diet we will soon need 2 planets to feed us. I don’t seriously think that you can promote yoga and its philosophy and not thinking about that. That’s cheating.

In a logical follow up we had as well a long and nice class about health and nutrition. It was so interesting! Knowing what can bring you protein, how cleansing can make you feel better, the importance of enzymes… There are so many things to say about that! Tamal actually suggests that we read some  books about it  (Conscious eatings, Eat and run….). I was fascinated by the story of the guy who turned vegan and run an ultra marathon: Eat and run.

We also has a homework to achieve: eating a based plant only diet until the end of the training (at least). Guess what? I’m all for it! (It means being vegan, which will be very hard for a cheese lover like me.)

Will i be able to achieve that task? Stay tuned!!


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SmartFLOW yoga teacher. I've studied Power vinyasa, restorative, and yoga for pregnant woman with Tamal Dodge in Los Angeles. After that wonderful time, I felt attracted by movement and flow, so I studied with Shiva Rea for 300 hours her Prana Flow style. But after a yoga for scoliosis workshop and after realizing what I want in my practice and for my students, I've decided to focus on a more alignment focused yoga, and started studying with the great Annie Carpenter. Now, after more than 400h with her, my teaching skills had changed for the best. The more I learn the more I have to share with my students, so I follow different trainings every year and I had the great honor to learn from amazing teachers like Krista Cahill, Maty Ezraty or Dona Holleman. I'm now teaching SmartFLOW YOGA, Hatha yoga, restorative yoga and chair yoga (for people with less range of motion) in Monaco most of the time, but also in some magical events such as Burning Man in Nevada. http://instagram.com/cheyenneyoga/ Ambassador of a great VEGAN BOOTS BRAND pawj california, think cruelty free Ugg style boots. Use the code Cheyenne10 for 10% on their website. Yoga inspired jewelry designer: Pepper Kreation

2 thoughts on “A yogi alimentation should be plant based only!

  1. I love how this is connected to yoga. It makes sense!
    I have been vegetarian for 3 years. Probably about 95% of the time I am vegan. Cheese is something that once in a while I crave, as well as eggs. But whenever I do have them, I feel heavy and not very well.
    I know my body does much much much better on a vegan diet, with a lot of raw food included.
    If you are looking for some nice recipes that don’t have weird ingredients, check out oh she glows 😉


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