First teaching attempt!

Last week-end was the second week-end of the training and, oh boy, it was intense!

First I was happy because my very good friend Isabel joined the training, and it has a great signification for me.
4 years ago I was staying with her in LA, she was starting a new job and was a little stressed out. One morning she told me that she needed a yoga class and that we should go when she’d come back from work. I had a few unsuccesfull attempt with yoga classes. The first one was at my gym, i’m kind of a nervous person, and I didn’t know at that time that there were different kinds of yoga. So I just went. We had to breath one nostril at a time (Nadi Shodana), which I found ridiculous, and I came out of the class even more nervous than before!
So my friend had to basically drag me to this class! It was power yoga. I will never be thankfull enough for that! After the class I was feeling so great! Because of Isabel I start practicing yoga so I’m really grateful that she does the training with me.

In our training, Tamal, wants us to know how to teach. So we practice a lot with each other. And that’s how we ended up teaching Surya Namaskara A to the entire class.
When I stepped out of the mat my voice was shaking but I didn’t mess up the breathing part, and that’s great because breathing is one of the most important thing in yoga. If a teacher doesn’t teach you how to breath properly: Run Away!
The other tricky part of that exercice is that the other 27 students will have to teach you too! So we spent 1 hour doing sun salutations! It felt good good, but by the end of the day I was exhausted!

Tonight my week-end 3 starts, and guess what comes after Surya Namaskara A?

Stay tuned!




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